Our Services

Adoptee Hub provides services for building a stronger, healthier adoptee community.

It’s long overdue, let’s create a center for adoptees.

Community Services and Programs

Our programs will serve adoptees and their adoptive families. The adoptee center will help to facilitate birth search services, research projects, language classes, and post-adoption services.

Global Birth Search Service (GBS)

Adoptee Hub will provide a first-of-a-kind, Global Birth Search Service (GBS).

Birth Search Services

GBS will involve services from before the search, during the search, and post reunion. This service is unique because no one else provides this level of dedication. We will take the place of liaison and streamline the birth search process. This will be in collaboration with Korean adoption agencies, Global Overseas Adoptees Link, Korea (G.O. A ’L); the Korean government; and numerous small adoptee registries.

GBS will offer the following:

  • A secure portal for birth families to provide their information, data, and pictures of the children they are seeking
  • A secure portal for adoptees to provide their information, data, and pictures of whatever information they may have from their adoption file
  • All information you submit is confidential
  • The portal will have a state of the art registry that crosschecks data and conducts facial recognition
  • It will facilitate translation services
  • It will connect adoptees with group therapy and counseling
  • It will have a survey for consultation before searching
  • It will coordinate educational classes on culture and language before and after traveling
  • It will provide resources for scholarships to help fund travel to Korea for birth search reunions

During a birth search, we keep the following in mind:

  • Searching involves many elements and can be extremely complex
  • It is important to have a clear and conscientious process that is sensitive to the individual’s needs, and that addresses what may be an emotional time for the adoptee, birth family, adoptive family and others related to the process.

Adoptee Cultural Education and Health & Wellness Program

Part One:

Because culture plays a large role in shaping the adoptee identity, we will offer cultural classes to encourage adoptees to become more comfortable with their roots.
  • Classes will be facilitated by our partners who specialize in language, dance, literature, documentaries and more.
  • These sessions will have a maximum of eight (8) adoptees per session.
  • We aim to have each participant learn, laugh, and enjoy different aspects of their culture.

Part Two:

It is important to have a safe and comfortable environment where adoptees can express themselves with others who have similar experiences.
  • We will have trained and certified mental health professionals who will provide one to one counseling, host support groups, and help adoptees explore issues of identity, trauma, attachment, depression, drug abuse, and more.

Transracial Film & Arts Festival

The Global Adoptee Transracial Film & Arts Festival will be the largest of its kind.

Global Adoptee Transracial Film & Arts Festival (GATRFF)

The GATRFF will occur once every two years. GATRFF will cater to the adoptee community and its rich diversity, as well as some of the emerging voices telling their points of view through film, words, music, and art.

Adoptee Hub hopes its festival will instill a sense of belonging in adoptees and their families as well as raise additional awareness of adoptee experiences with the rest of the community.

The film festival supports Adoptee Hub’s goal to educate the community and public by raising awareness about transracial adoptee experiences. The showing of these films, writings, and art is to encourage interactive discussion and dialogue about adopted identities and the journeys of adopted individuals. With the U.S. being home to one of the largest number of international adoptees in the world (according to the U.S Department of State-Bureau of Consulate) GATRFF is important to a broad adoptee multicultural audience.

Community Dinner & Dialogue Series for Adoptees

The Dinner & Dialogue Series will encourage dialogue on how adoptees balance issues of race, culture, and identity. They will be lead with a trained adoptee facilitator. The facilitator will broadly frame the focus of the group and help bring important themes and issues to light. Through discussion, participants will identify areas of agreement and understanding. As new insights emerge, topics should be captured and explored. This will also be part of the GATRFF events as well.

Adoption Advocacy

We will provide services such as citizenship resources, adoption education, and education on international adoptee laws. This is to help advance advocating for adoptee rights and effect systematic, societal, and or legal/governmental change.

Services may include the following:

  • Deportation education and resources to become a U.S. citizen, provide expert witness for adoptees being deported, and collaborate with social justice organizations
  • Creating a dedicated space for adoptees that have passed away
  • Campaign for adoptees to find medical or bone marrow matches
  • Access to education regarding Adoptee laws and policies at the local, state, federal, and international levels
  • Access to resources on published data and statistics on adoption; research articles, dissertations, and book-length monographs; and testimonies
  • A known point of contact on global adoptee issues