Letter from our CEO

Help an adoptee learn their culture, find a sense of belonging, and feel confident and proud of themselves. Every contribution is powerful.

Greetings fellow adoptees, adoptee families, friends, partners and sponsors.

Thank you for your donation, participation, and support. Without you, we cannot serve our community, prevent and resolve the many issues confronting adoptees, and address the long standing inequities. I deeply believe in this cause, as it has been my life-long mission. I continue to serve my community through Adoptee Hub; a sister partnership with G.O.A’L an NGO in South Korea. After seven decades of international adoptions, many resources have come and gone. The international adoptee community still needs support. Love sometimes is not enough; sometimes blood is thicker than water.

It is human nature to be curious about our biological roots, culture, language, and history when we look different from our adoptive families. For people who may not have been impacted by adoption, it can often be easy to take for granted who they are in terms of where they’ve come from, or what biological, physical, and hereditary or inherited traits they share with their families. What to many is an unconscious birthright is instead a lifelong struggle for identity and search for ‘home’. Our identity is the hardest to find for our international adoptee community. I believe everyone has a right to know who they are, what day they were born, and where they were born.

Thus, over the years, numerous issues have arisen in our community. More then ever, efforts need to be made to address the many issues adoptees face. Post-adoption services are long overdue and finally our community needs to have a voice and be recognized as a community. I believe Adoptee Hub can make a difference in people’s lives through our mission to provide social services to every adoptee who needs them and to support the adoptee in their own journey on their own terms.

This cannot be done without your financial contribution. Every contribution counts. Every contribution is powerful for an individual and our community. Your contribution just may help an adoptee start to answer some of their lifelong questions. Your contribution can help an adoptee find a place where they feel a sense of belonging, find others where they don’t have to explain themselves for the first time or every time. Your contribution can help an adoptee feel confident and proud of themselves. Your contribution can help an adoptee learn their culture, heritage, and food for the first time. Your contribution can help an adoptee overcome their shame of feeling different every day. We greatly appreciate your support. We embrace your generous support in helping us to connect, to collaborate, and to preserve our adoption legacies, histories, and identity.

Thank you.

Ami Nafzger, CEO of Adoptee Hub