Open Space 2
Conversations for Adoptees Searching and in Reunion
Apr 24
1:00 AM CT
Where: Online, via Zoom

Cost: $5

About: Adoptee Hub is pleased to offer our next Open Space Session with Shelby Redfield Kilgore. As part of a monthly offering Adoptee Hub will provide an Open Space for Adoptees to share their search and reunion challenges and successes. We understand that whether you are just beginning your search or are in reunion there are many things you have learned along the way. Some of you have a great amount of expertise to share, and others might benefit from that experience. It is our hope that as a community we can support each other emotionally and logistically.

Shelby Redfield Kilgore has 15 years of experience as a Filmmaker and Documentarian of Adoptee Stories. She has listened and shared a multitude of Adoptee Search and Reunion Stories as well as stories covering the Adoption triad. You can explore them on her website: .

This will not be a “HOW TO,” session. It is formatted more as a listening and sharing session.

Shelby’s experience will provide a backdrop for Adoptees to speak openly in a private and safe space. As a facilitator she will be able to contribute her understanding of the many pathways and pitfalls adoptees engage in, steering information when she can and being a welcome ear when needed.

We look forward to holding monthly sessions.

In order to make these programs available we request a suggested donation of 5-10$

Thank you for your support and community!

We encourage the following to attend:
  • Adoptees
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Community