Birth Search 101
Session 1 - Introduction
Apr 18
2:00 PM CT

Cost: $no cost

About: Adoptee Hub is pleased to present an educational series on the Birth Search process. The first session will focus on the process of starting and executing a birth search.

Searching for your biological family can be daunting for people who don’t know where to start or are unsure of the questions that need to asked. The process is different for every adoptee but there are common steps that most adoptees follow Adoptee Hub will provide guidance on the steps to follow and which organizations to partner with in your search.

If you are thinking of searching or in the process of a birth search, this event may be of assistance. Please join us as our Chief Executive Officer provides guidance and tips on how to conduct a birth search.

Please note that this is an informational session ONLY. Follow up questions will be addressed at the next session.

RSVP REQUIRED: Adoptee Hub is using a Zoom meeting for this event. Registration using your email is REQUIRED (preferably your Zoom email address).

We encourage the following to attend:
  • Adoptees
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Community